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Kymco Private Equity Management Co., Ltd.

We are a professional private equity management company focusing on global market. We currently manage six equity investment funds and four sun private funds respectively investing to the industries including Moving and Mobility, Internet of Things(IoT) and Consumption Upgrade as well as secondary markets; As an industry investment fund, our limited partners serving as contributors of multinational enterprises with over 50 years experience in relevant industries, which are internationally competitive in terms of brand, technology, management and channel. On this basis, we can practice the "Capital +" investment philosophy for the invested enterprises to enjoy greater value-added benefit than pure capital investment, so as to assist industry upgrading of such enterprises to grow stronger and bigger.  



KYMCO Private Equity Management Co., Ltd.

? 2012年成立鑫动力基金
In 2012, Auto Fund was established

? 2013年成立鑫康健基金 

In 2013, Medical device Fund was established

? 2016年成立鑫信希基金 

In 2016, Information Technology Fund was established

? 2017年成立金库整合基金 

In 2017, Taiwan Integration Fund was established

? 2017年成立鑫未来基金 

In 2017, Future Fund was established

? 2017年KYMCO Noodoe 车联网发佈

In 2017, KYMCO Noodoe Internet of Vehicles System was released

? 2018年3月KYMCO ionex 东京车展发佈

In March 2018, KYMCO ionex was released in Tokyo Motor Show

? 2018年3月KYMCO Noodoe Navigation 东京车展发佈

In March 2018, KYMCO Noodoe Navigation was released in Tokyo Motor Show

? 2018年6月KYMCO ionex 台北发佈

In June 2018, KYMCO ionex was released in Taipei

? 2018年10月KYMCO ionex Commercial 巴黎车展发佈 

In October 2018, KYMCO ionex Commercial was released in Paris Motor Show

? 2018年成立鑫崴车联基金

In 2018, Internet of Energy Fund was established